Simple and efficient ways to collaborate through innovative IT networking technologies.

Performance & Security for each Customer.

We promote the digital trasformation tailor-made for all markets.


We offer

LS International team can guarantee to Customers a complete offering in different technological areas.

Network Security

Firewalling, End Point Protection, Strong Authentication, Anti DDoS, Remote SOC

Cyber Security

WAF, Cloud WAF, BadBot Protection, Cloud Protection, EASM, VA & PT, Confidential Computing, Security Awareness, Cyber SOC

Network Performance

Wan Optimization, LTM, Traffic Management, DPI, Packet Brokering, Cloud Visibility and Cost Optimization, Remote NOC

Homeland Security

Counter Drone Solution - Advanced Wireless Solutions

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We are part of the Zucchetti

The first Italian software house in Europe.
With over 6.000 people, 2.000 partners worldwide and a turnover of €850 mln in 2019, Zucchetti is an important point of reference for more than 600.000 customers who have chosen Zucchetti for its quality solutions.